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Revel, Not Drink

Lyndhurst Wine was inspired by the history of Lyndhurst Terrace in Hong Kong, which is of underrated prominence in nurturing what became revolutionary. Besides, the Chinese name, literally “street of flower display”, is an illustration of genuine cultural mix of the East and the West. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Lyndhurst Wine will take pride in its roots, hold its grit and never yield to mediocrity.

Lyndhurst Wine started as a champagne specialist retailer in 2017, and gradually transformed into an all-rounded wine retailer with the advent of rapid growth of clients’ needs and competitive landscape. Hence, we expanded our wine portfolio into a selective range of reds, whites, roses and champagnes, yet reined in the number of brands so as to uphold the quality products and services we provide.

Apart from wine retail, we also provide services that complement with our products.

Glassware Rental

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Wine Subscription

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Greetings Card

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Wine Advisory

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Event Management & Glassware Rental

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Since inception, we have served numerous retail, and 100+ private and corporate clients, and hosted a range of private and public wine-tasting events.

We value the way that we do business. Profit is vital to our company but it is merely an useful by-product of us doing good to the community by upholding three principles when serving our clients.


We prefer quality over quantity and cherry-pick a selective range of wines of high reputation and quality

Official Source

We buy from official distributors to ensure the quality and condition of the wines.

Controlled Storage

We store our wines in controlled environment and deliver them via a professional logistic company

As a young wine retailer, we envision to source quality wines for our clients, render competitive and transparent prices and advocate wine culture in Hong Kong.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us. Cheers!

Official Distributor

Authorized Reseller