Fine dining is awesome, but sometimes can be confusing. From appetizer to antipasta to main dishes, fine wines make the dining experience much more remarkable. However, mismatch of food and wine can wreak havoc on your supposedly wonderful night. Hence, we are here to ensure that your fine dining experience is just as perfect as you planned.

Whenever you have questions on your fine dining menu, we are happy to provide complimentary advice. Besides, we have showcased some of the most conventional food wine pairings for your reference.

Basic Principles

Learn about the basic principles of taste components, pairing principles and weight

Wine Pairing

Discover some of the best food wine pairings in fine dine setting

Our Expertise

Wine Connoisseur

Our team of wine experts, with a range of WSET qualifications, are well trained with the features and characters of various wines and hence know how to pair with the best food.


Our gastronomist, who has worked in F&B and hospitality industry, is an expert in multiple cuisines and their signature dishes. Hence, we can suggest you the conventional or unique way to pair with your menu.

Local Restaurant Guide

Thanks to our strong local presence, we have tried numerous of restaurants and filtered a list of them that we think are very capable of offering an unforgettable food wine pairing experience. We do not have any partnership with any of them – so rest assured our opinions are strictly independent.