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Pertois-Lebrun Dèrriere Mont Aigu Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs 2017

France, Champagne
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With this second single-vineyard cuvee we wanted to highlight the diversitythat can be obtained from a single cru, that of Chouilly.
Our grandfather planted this 0.59-hectare plot in 1955 in the place known as"Derrière le Mont Aigu", just 500 metres from the " Le Fond du Bateay" From the first parcel of our vineyard to have been converted exclusively toorganic viticulture in 2013, we offer you a refined version of the resultingcuvee. With no addition of sulphites and liquors, we allow the land, the wine.and nature to express themselves unfettered, without any artifices ! Abrilliant champagne for wine-lovers in search of authenticity.


Very Dry


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