Size does matter!

Attribute Champagne

November 21, 2020

If you are a lan kwai fong-habitué, or live long enough in Hong Kong, you may have heard of a night club namely Magnum (Not an ad because it shut down years ago). Magnum actually refers to a Champagne bottle size (See Figure). Typically, a Magnum-size Champagne would offer twelve servings – or one. The size apparently determines the amount of liquor, and also affects the quality to a lesser extent. In general, the larger the bottle, the better the quality. This is because it will take a longer time to ferment a larger champagne, refining the wine and bubbles.


The largest size I have heard so far is 30L, ostentatiously named Melchizedek.


Size                                                       尺碼 Volume                                              容量 Serving                                              份量
Split 187mL ¼ Bottle
Half 375mL ½ Bottle
Standard 750mL 1 Bottle
Magnum 1.5L 2 Bottles
Jeroboam 3.0L 4 Bottles